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Psych History Reporter™ is an integrated system for obtaining and reporting qualitative mental health information about your patient's history, thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Your patient completes the paper-based Comprehensive Mental Health Questionnaire™ (CMHQ™), the data-collection instrument of Psych History Reporter™. Entering their responses into the software yields an editable 3-to-6-page narrative report that opens in Microsoft Word™ or Google Docs™.

In addition to answering dichotomous, rating, and multiple-choice questions, respondents also have 111 opportunities to respond to open-ended questions, sentence completion items, and comment on their responses. This allows patients a greater range of expression than investigations limited to closed-ended and forced-choice questions. Patients can relate their lived experiences using their own words. They can provide information that is not directly queried. Open-ended questions and the opportunity to write comments may elicit unexpected and revealing information for understanding a patient.

Comprehensive + Flexible

Eighteen pages long and containing 634 items, the CMHQ™ questionnaire is indeed comprehensive. It is also flexible. You can administer whatever portions of the questionnaire you wish. Patients can skip any items they want. The software adapts. The full version CMHQ™ includes text responses and can take 30-40 minutes to enter responses into the software. This time can be shortened by using dictation software (sold separately by third parties, see example) to enter text responses. Depending upon the number and length of responses, reports can be up to 6 pages. Purchase also includes an abbreviated form of the questionnaire, the 506-item Comprehensive Mental Health Questionnaire-Abbreviated™ (CMHQ-A)™, that does not solicit text responses, speeding data entry. It takes less time (about 10-12 minutes) to enter CMHQ-A™ responses into the software, and the CMHQ™ yields a shorter report.


The questionnaires are provided as editable word processing documents (.docx and .doc) ready for modification and printing. Items can be removed but not added (the software automatically adjusts to missing responses, but it cannot process added items). You can edit the questionnaire, deleting items to create customized, abbreviated forms that meet your specific needs. The software allows you to specify custom headings for your reports, the font used to write your reports, what pronouns to use in reports, the location of data files, and if you prefer to use the word “client” or “patient” in the software and reports.

A New Take on an Old Standby

Psych History Reporter™ is not a standardized test. It does not measure, score, compare, evaluate, or interpret responses. Reports contain only raw data. Psych History Reporter™ is a paper-based mental health intake questionnaire with an added report-writing function. Intake questionnaires have been used for over 80 years by a variety of mental health professionals. Psych History Reporter™ is intended for use by mental health professionals who are qualified to use an intake questionnaire.

Psych History Reporter™ produces reports that are intended to serve as just one part of mental health examination. Proper use requires obtaining informed consent before administering the questionnaire, conducting a follow-up interview afterward to discuss the patient's responses, and revising the information accordingly. Information obtained from Psych History Reporter™ must not be substituted for the user's professional opinion. Further information about the use and limitations of Psych History Reporter™ is found in the Examiner Manual and Terms of Service.

Psych History Reporter™ software uses natural language processing to read the patient’s responses and write reports with a natural feel to them. Based entirely on self-report and sourced as such, there is no equivocation in the language, and reports confidently relate items as endorsed and written by the patient.

Although every effort has been made to report patient responses in a natural and readable narrative form, this is not always possible. Text responses are faithfully reproduced with only occasional and minor modifications of spelling, grammar, and punctuation to improve readability and suitability for inclusion in a final report. While Psych History Reporter™ does manage to report most responses in lucid and grammatically correct text, you will need to edit some patient responses.


The software is installed on your computer, and patient files are processed on your computer. Internet access is not required to operate the software.


The purchase price of $500 US includes a limited license to use provided editable copies of the CMHQ™ and CMHQ-A™ questionnaires, a limited license to use the provided Psych History Reporter™ software, a copy of the Psych History Reporter™ User Manual and Terms of Service, maintenance updates, and email support.

Users are granted a limited, non-transferable license to a single individual to use the software to manually (using a keyboard, mouse, and dictation) enter responses to the Comprehensive Mental Health Questionnaire™ and generate an unlimited number of mental health reports for their own professional use.

Users are granted a limited, non-transferable license to modify (delete questionnaire items), print, and distribute questionnaires as needed for their own clinical use. All materials are provided as computer files that install on your Windows™-based computer, made available through download and activation with a purchased software key.

Data Entry

Used as an adjunct to interviewing, the CMHQ™ / Psych History Reporter™ system can reduce time spent in routine questioning, note-taking, and report writing.

Save time by using dictation to enter text into the software

Most (72%) questionnaire responses are entered into the software using single key data entry. Pressing a number on the keyboard records the response and advances to the next item. Checkboxes, text boxes, and radio buttons also accept data, and context-sensitive help is available. You can save time by using dictation to enter text responses. See the Examiner Manual and Terms of Service to learn more about your options.


CMHQ™ items are methodically presented in the same form and sequence for each patient. Results are consistently reported. This systematic approach to collecting mental health information may reduce the possibility that an important area of investigation is overlooked.

Let PAS™ help with data collection.


Reports are limited to the text of endorsed items and the patient’s written responses. No inferences are made, and no conclusions are drawn. If a patient reports that he often feels angry, the report simply states, "[Name] reported that he often feels angry." Contents are organized using headings that are typical for mental health reports.


Every paragraph of the report is sourced, attributing its data to the patient. Paragraphs typically begin, "[Name] reported ______." Most text written by the patient is enclosed in quotation marks.


Reports generally use the verbatim text of endorsed items. For clarity, written responses are subject to minor changes in pronouns, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The software does examine some responses for inconsistency. When conflicting data is detected, it is reported at the beginning of the report with a description of the problem and recommendations for addressing it.

Easy Navigation

Additional Features

Psych History Reporter™ contains additional features that are not described here. These are described in the Examiner Manual and Terms of Service.

System Requirements

  • Computer running Windows™-based operating system with minimum display resolution of 1366 x 768.

  • Microsoft Word™ (2007 or later) or Google Docs™ to open, edit, and save the reports.

  • An internet connection is required to download and install the program, receive notices of and download updated questionnaires, software, and documentation, and receive email support. Once installed, the software does not otherwise require an internet connection to operate.

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